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Customer Photos Customer Photos Maggie and Gracie Owned by Anne Floyd 108316243 Berkley's Big Boy Haircut 110831384 Berkley's day at the park 110831385 Chev Chev having fun in the snow! 119065133 Chev, a puppy from Erin and Koda's litter living in Columbia SC! 119102969 Jett Will be 2 on August 24, 2011 131090749 Jett He is the perfect dog . . . we love having him!!! 131090750 Maggie 134640752 Ellie 134640753 Best Friends 134640754 142811782 Rue 143314314 Happy 3rd Birthday, Jett!!! Friday, August 24th . . . 3 years old . . . been a great 3 years having Jett as part of the family!!! 163449781 Jett 177555104