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Purchase Agreement


Date: _____________________

Received from
$100.00 Deposit toward the purchase of a puppy from the litter of
(mother) and _________________________ (father). Color ______________ sex
The balance shall be due IN CASH when the puppy is picked up by the
purchaser. The full purchase price of
the puppy is $______________ .  The anticipated date the puppy will be available to leave Sleepy Hollow
Kennels is_________________. (Usually at 7 weeks; however a toy may not be ready to leave until 8-10 weeks of age)
(_______) The purchaser has been advised by Sleepy Hollow Kennels that the
deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.
(_______ ) The purchaser has been advised that Sleepy Hollow  Kennels will
not release the puppy to the purchaser until the puppy is eating well and mature enough to leave Sleepy Hollow Kennels.
(_______) The purchaser must advise Sleepy Hollow Kennels by the time the
puppy is 4 weeks of age (________________________, 200_____) if the purchaser will be unable to
complete the sale.

The purchaser must confirm with  Sleepy Hollow Kennels by the time the puppy is 6 weeks of age (_________________________, 200__) that he/she will complete the sale on the date Sleepy Hollow  Kennels anticipates the puppy will be available. If the purchaser fails to notify
Sleepy Hollow Kennels by such date that he/she will not be able to complete the sale as set out above, and Sleepy Hollow  Kennels has made every effort to locate the purchaser but has been unable to do so Sleepy Hollow Kennels will be under no obligation to complete this sale. If the purchaser asks Sleepy Hollow Kennels to hold the puppy past the anticipated time the puppy will be available (e.g. the purchaser will be out of town),  Sleepy Hollow Kennels will hold the puppy upon the condition that the full purchase price is paid by the purchaser on the date of such request. The purchaser will reimburse Sleepy Hollow Kennels for any vaccinations given after the anticipated date at a cost of $7.00 per shot.

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