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"If its not a's just a dog...."

Schnauze means muzzle in German, so this breed was named for its characteristic shaggy muzzle. Up to the nineteenth century, Schnauzers were considered rough-haired Pinschers. There are three Schnauzer varieties, the Giant, The Standard, and The Miniature. The Schnauzer is high-spirited, energetic, impetuous (though stable), hardy, proud, and dominant. The Miniature Schnauzer can be a variety of colors. Black, Salt and Pepper, Black and Silver, and now White, Liver, as well as Parti colors have been bred. A Miniature Schnauzer should be 12-14 inches tall and weigh from 9-15 lbs. Your Miniature Schnauzer should be brushed daily, and will require a trim about every three months to keep looking his best. They have a robust, almost square shape. The eyebrows are prominent with generous whiskers and a moustache. This devoted, affectionate dog loves children and makes and an excellent pet.

Linka, daughter of Abbey & Jack

When we first decided to get a small dog, I conducted extensive research, and it was readily apparent to me that the Miniature Schnauzer was just the breed of dog that I was looking for. I wanted a fairly small inside dog that doesn't shed, (or have that "doggy" odor), a reasonably priced, lovable dog who exhibits a high degree of intelligence. Miniature Schnauzers are alert, active, and affectionate companions who double as watchdogs. They bark to warn, but not for recreation. They are house dogs who love the outdoors. You will not find a more loyal and constant companion than your Miniature Schnauzer!! An excellent web-site for checking out the ranking of your dog's intelligence (by breed) can be found at:

One way or another, we all have to find what best fosters the flowering of our humanity in this life, and dedicate ourselves to that.

~ Joseph Campbel

You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will give you a look that says, 'My God, you're right! I never would've thought of that!'

- Dave Barry

"A dog has the soul of a philosopher."


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